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As a contractor, accurately estimating the cost of a construction project is crucial to ensuring its success. We aims to provide you with the most effective cost estimating service.

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We understand that one of the most critical aspects of any construction project is accurate and efficient cost estimation. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, our website is a valuable resource for all your construction estimating needs.

painting estimating services

Contractors may streamline their bidding process and win more projects with our accurate and detailed painting cost estimates. Our professionals employ the latest software and industry experience to generate quick and accurate estimates, enabling our clients to deliver excellent work within their clients' budgets.

drywall estimating services

Contractors get accurate and speedy drywall estimates from us. Our experts will assess your project and provide cost estimates for all supplies and labor. We use cutting-edge technologies and methods for accuracy. 

concrete estimating services

Our Concrete Estimating Services help contractors plan and budget their building projects with precise estimates. We estimate foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete work using innovative software and skilled personnel.

sitework estimating services

Contractors get precise site development cost estimates from sitework estimation services. These services can help builders win more bids by simplifying grading, excavation, utility installation, and paving. Contractors can reduce risks and boost profitability with thorough estimates.

grading cut and fill estimating

For contractors leveling or excavating land, our Grading Cut and Fill Estimating Services give accurate and trustworthy estimates. Our modern technologies and expert staff keep your project on budget and on time. We grade efficiently and affordably.

Demolition estimating services

Demolition companies can get precise estimates from our Demolition Estimating Services. Our estimators employ innovative software and industry experience to provide competitive prices and detailed project plans. Our accurate demolition estimating saves time and money.

Plumbing estimating services

Our Plumbing Estimating Services give contractors accurate and fast bids for plumbing jobs. Our skilled staff uses cutting-edge software and methods to assure competitive project pricing. We tailor solutions to each contractor and project.

HVAC estimating Services

For HVAC contractors, our cost estimates are accurate and detailed. Our professionals employ cutting-edge software and industry knowledge to generate detailed estimates for all types of projects, helping contractors stay competitive and profitable. We estimate HVAC.

Millwork estimating services

Our Millwork Estimating Services give contractors precise and detailed estimates for woodworking and cabinetry projects. Our affordable prices and fast response times keep your project on track and on budget.

Furnishes estimating services

Contractors need precise building cost estimates. This includes analyzing project requirements, materials, labor, and equipment costs, and preparing detailed estimates to help contractors plan and budget for their projects. We help contractors make informed decisions and avoid cost overruns.

Openings estimating Services

Need reliable contracting estimates for openings? We offer competent estimation. Our professional estimators give detailed cost estimates for all building openings. Our reasonable pricing and fast turnaround times can help you win more bids and grow your business.

Lumber estimating services

Need precise lumber estimating for your building business? Our professional estimators give detailed material takeoffs and cost estimates for all projects. We can optimize your lumber purchasing and save you money with competitive price and fast turnaround.

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Accurate Quantity takeoff and Professional Reporting Formats Cost/Pricing Services, based on RSMean.

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We quote the invoice, turnaround time, and estimate delivery date after receiving your drawing plans and requirements. Upload plans here.

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The quotation comes soon after analysing the plans. Our staff will begin working on your project when you pay the invoice through credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

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An estimate will include material and labour quantities and pricing. As requested, we offer the estimate and takeoff sheet in EXCEL.


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For over a year, the proprietor of USA Construction estimating , has given us great advise and support. He answers inquiries swiftly and solves problems. He gives extensive input on drafts and reports, saving us time!

Cathy E

General contractor

Our organization asked them to estimate class 2 buildings, estimating them is complex. These guys are accurate and within tolerable error. Our estimates are promptly answered and the price given does not alter. 

Thank you for helping D5 Building Group

Serg D


They are very quick to respond and is very thorough. Many thanks for all the assistance. Cheersjurovic

David F

Home owner

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