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Your construction cost estimation partner

At USA Estimating, we become your in-house construction estimation team - specialized, accurate, and experienced.  

  • Save time, money with accurate estimates.
  • Up-to-date pricing from local suppliers.
  • Experienced advice from estimators.
USA estimators verifying pricing

Accurate Cost Estimations

Winning bids based on the most accurate pricing 

Committed to providing accurate cost from real-time verified pricing for your construction estimation and bid creation needs.

Real people. Real Estimates.

We use real people to verify local pricing and labor expenses - not generic outdated pricing index databases.

The difference is in our commitment to provide one-on-one attention to your project's cost estimates. Trusted by construction companies across the country to win more bids.

  • Save time and money with accurate estimates
  • Leverage up-to-date pricing from local suppliers and contractors
  • Receive experienced advice from skilled estimators
  • Streamline processes and reduce paperwork with our document management solutions
  • Generate leads to maximize project opportunities

Why outsource my cost estimation?

USA Estimating offers high-quality, accurate, and detailed estimating services, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your construction project.


Our team of experienced estimators have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry, to assist with contract negotiations, and making sure your project is set to be completed on time and within budget.

Every project is unique. What may have worked for you in being awarded your last contract may not work when pursing another. Moreover, interpreting the details of the project and not accurately understanding the scope of the project is a common reason companies hire a construction estimating service. The complexity of estimating can easily lead to errors. Having a construction estimating company working for you helps you avoid common pitfalls and ensures accuracy in your estimates.

Why outsource my cost estimation illustration
Benefits of Outsourcing Estimating illustration

Benefits of Outsourcing Estimating

USA Estimating's experienced construction cost estimators are committed to providing high-quality, accurate estimates and avoiding common errors.

Avoid costly mistakes

We use our extensive knowledge of the construction industry to make sure that all necessary costs are included in the estimate and help you overlook things like, varying labor costs, material costs, equipment costs, and on-site conditions.

When you outsource estimating to USA Estimating, you will benefit from our comprehensive suite of services. Our experts can help you to create estimates quickly and accurately, while taking into account your local pricing. We can also help you to negotiate and close deals based on proven strategies. Our clients benefit beyond initial cost estimations from our ability to find project leads, so you can make sure that you always have a steady flow of construction projects.

Don't take a chance with your estimating services - trust USA Estimating to help you improve your construction estimating process and get the success you are looking for.


Expert Consultations

We provide the expertise and guidance needed to make sure each bid is competitive. Our team of experienced construction estimators has worked on hundreds of projects, giving them an intimate understanding of the bidding process.

construction site

industries we serve

Our team can provide a variety of services for public and private sector projects, including bid preparation, cost analysis, pre-bid meetings, quantity surveying services, pricing verification, risk assessment, general contractor selection advice, and more.

Public Sector Construction 

  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Sewer and drainage projects
  • Schools, universities and other educational facilities
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Correctional facilities
  • Affordable housing developments
  • Water supply systems and wastewater treatment plants
  • Public parks & recreational areas

Private Sector Construction

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Shopping malls and retail outlets
  • Power plants, dams, or other energy projects
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Private residences & multi-family housing complexes
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Colleges and universities
  • Restaurants & entertainment facilities

CSI Divisions We specialize In

At USA Estimating, we specialize in providing comprehensive construction design development estimating services for all CSI divisions.

construction plans
  • General requirements
  • Site Work/ Existing conditions
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Metals
  • Wood and plastics composites
  • Thermal and moisture Protection
  • Openings
  • Finishes
  • Specialties
  • Equipment
  • Furnishings
  • Fire Supression
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC/ Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Communications
  • Electronic safety and security
  • Earthwork
  • Exterior Improvements
  • Utilities


Construction Cost Estimating Services

You receive a single account manager who will oversee and support; generating accurate cost estimates through our real-time verification, negotiating and securing contracts.

  • Around the clock support dedicated  to your company's success
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs with accurate estimates
  • Receive up-to-date pricing from local suppliers and contractors
  • Leverage our team of experienced estimators for their knowledge and experience in the public and private sector
  • Negotiate contracts efficiently using proven strategies

Real-time cost books

Guarantee accurate local pricing every time

Get quick and reliable bid estimates backed by accurate local pricing data to maximize your chances of success. Our cost books offer the latest pricing from local suppliers and contractors throughout the United States. 

With the ever-changing cost of supplies, estimates must be created based on real-time cost based on supply and demand. This includes calculating workers' wages, equipment expenses, and taking into account changes to building codes or local regulations.

Relying on pricing estimates based on cost book services leads to a quagmire of problems. You can be confident your project expenses will be derived through human verification — not out-dated CPI cost databases.

  • Get precise, accurate estimates based on local pricing
  • Access information on labor rates and material costs in your area
  • Quickly update bids and estimates as needed to keep up with supply, demand, and pricing trends
  • Avoid costly surprises by taking into account hidden costs or delays that may affect the project timeline

Real people, not software

At USA Estimating, we understand that when it comes to getting the best possible results for projects, software just doesn’t cut it. Estimating varying indirect costs related to construction costs and the overhead costs needed for the operation of construction companies is often miscalculated. Our experienced team of estimators don’t rely on automated algorithms or pre-packaged programs to do the job, instead they take a hands-on approach and complete everything custom, manually by hand.

We use in-depth market research and analysis to ensure our estimates are accurate and up-to-date. Our estimators draw upon their years of experience to give customers the most reliable estimates possible, backed up with current data sources.

With our personal touch and commitment to quality customer service, you can trust that each estimate from USA Estimating is tailored specifically for the project at hand – giving you the best chance of success.

Negotiation and closing

Receive comprehensive pre-bid meeting assistance and contractor selection advice tailored to your needs.

We help with the challenges of negotiating contracts and making sure you get the best deal. We have experts who know a lot about negotiating, and we use up-to-date information from reliable sources to make sure you get the right price. Our team works around the clock so that your deadlines are met. We also can help find new projects for you, which will mean more success in getting contracts.


winning more

contracts today...

  • Generate precise, reliable cost books.
  • Negotiate contracts effectively.
  • And close deals with confidence.

Let us help you win more contracts and increase your success rate today!

Ryan Shure

The Valley Group

We had a tight deadline for one of our large projects and we were desperately searching for an estimating company that could provide us with accurate local pricing within a short time frame. USA Estimating delivered exactly what we needed and even offered same day service.

James Cannon

Fire Wire

USA Estimating was instrumental in helping me win bids on multiple construction projects. Their experienced estimators provided invaluable insight into the market trends and industry news, which allowed me to make sound decisions when bidding for contracts.

Stirling S

Touring Sentinel

I have been working with USA Estimating since the beginning of this year and it has been nothing but positive! From document management solutions to contractor selection advice tailored specifically to my needs – they really helped streamline my process while enabling me to negotiate better contracts faster! Highly recommend them!

Let USA Estimating take care of the hard work for you. 

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Send us your plans via PDF format, and we'll send you a NTE quote with our fee, number of hours needed to complete the takeoff or estimate, and estimated completion date. Most takeoffs are completed in two business days from when we receive the plans. We also offer same day service on smaller projects and next day service for larger projects, complex projects, depending on our current workload.


Get quick and reliable bid estimates backed by accurate local pricing data to maximize your chances of success - without having to worry about the complexities of bidding on construction projects!


Take advantage of our document management solutions that securely store essential documents for easy review when needed.


Benefit from our team of highly trained and experienced estimators who have expertise in local prices and market trend analysis.


Receive comprehensive pre-bid meeting assistance and contractor selection advice tailored to your needs.


Enjoy fast turnaround times with same day service available on smaller projects and next day service for larger projects.


Achieve peace of mind knowing that you are working with a company that specializes in construction cost estimating and can provide you with the best chance at negotiating and closing contracts successfully

Let USA Estimating help meet your deadlines and ensure that your construction bids are backed by reliable data sources and accurate local pricing - giving you the best chance at winning contracts successfully!