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Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the most detailed and comprehensive takeoff estimates for your project. With our years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry, you can be sure that your construction takeoff will be done right the first time.

Why Do I Need Professional Takeoff Support?

The construction takeoff phase is important because it ensures profitability. One of the biggest challenges construction companies face when trying to develop takeoffs on their own is accuracy. If calculations are not precise, it can lead to costly errors and delays due to poor projections. Most, construction projects involve complex plans and blueprints that need to be properly interpreted to project variable project costs. Without accurate takeoff estimates, it can be difficult to land contracts and complete projects on budget.

Calculating Materials for Takeoffs

Having an accurate understanding of local and national material costs is essential during a construction takeoff. 

How it works

Not only do you need to understand what materials are required for the project, but also a real-time cost per unit estimate. Your account representative will provide detailed estimates for the materials needed based on their knowledge of your industry and your current local pricing and costs. Since we factor in market volatility you can be sure your estimates remain up-to-date and accurate. We understand that cost fluctuate even after you've started your project, so we adjust dynamically for unforeseen price increases. This provides a cushion for losses should material prices rise.

Construction Materials cost
Construction Labor Cost

Calculating Labor for Takeoffs

Labor costs are also an integral part of the takeoff phase of a project. Labor costs for general contractors can account for up to 40% of a project's total cost, so it is important to get them accurately estimated in order to ensure profitability.

How it works

 Inaccurate estimates can cause delays and lead to increased construction costs. It is important that local labor costs are factored in conjunction with materials prices because inaccurate labor estimates can lead to ordering the wrong materials or over ordering.

Accurate labor cost calculations allows contractors to plan their scheduling more accurately and efficiently, as well as determine the right number of workers needed onsite at any given time. It's also key to avoid unexpected costs because of poor planning or underestimating billable labor hours.


At USA Estimating, our construction takeoff services stand out from our competitors. Our experienced team is committed to providing accurate and reliable estimates, giving you peace of mind knowing that your project will be profitable. Contact us today to get started with a detailed construction takeoff for your project!

Why Choose Us for Your Takeoff Estimating Needs?

At USA Estimating, we partner with you to get a comprehensive understanding your project to calculate materials based on real-time local and national costs, then support you as you formulate your bid.


Our team is experienced in working on projects of all sizes from small residential projects to large commercial projects.


For material takeoff calculations we use modern tools and software that ensure accuracy with every job.


Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.


We don't just provide your takeoff, we involve you to give you industry tips to win more bids in the future.

At USA Estimating, we are committed to providing our clients with the best construction takeoff services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. Whether you need a detailed estimate for residential or commercial projects, we have you covered. 

Our Manual Construction Takeoffs

When it comes to manual construction takeoffs, USA Estimating is an industry leader. Our expertise in manual construction takeoffs allows us to be an indispensable partner when it comes to construction projects where traditional plans are used. Our estimators have years of experience reading blueprints and plans to calculate the materials needed for projects. We understand that different types of work require different specifications, so we’re equipped to deliver accurate takeoffs from any type of paper plan or blueprint.

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Once complete with the takeoff process, our estimators will transfer the quantities and materials to spreadsheets or preprinted forms and worksheets to share all needed data and final costs to the respective parties involved.

We understand that accuracy is paramount in every step of the estimation process, so you can trust that our takeoffs will be precise and comprehensive every time.

Our Manual Construction Takeoffs illustration

Committed to providing  accurate takeoffs

  • Detailed analysis of plans, blueprints, and specifications
  • Breakdown of items into smaller components for more accurate estimates
  • Utilization of advanced technologies to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Expert reviews of entire takeoff process for errors or discrepancies
  • Flexible engagement models such as hourly or fixed rate fees based on project requirements
  • Comprehensive support during the takeoff process and after completion of the project.

We know you'll love partnering with us to have us handle all your takeoff project needs; from our initial on-boarding where we review your project details, to formulating cost projections, to helping you develop your bid -- you'll see why so many contractors and construction companies across the USA have chosen to partner with us time and time again.

Our Digital Construction Takeoff Services illustration

Our Digital Construction Takeoff Services

We offer one of the most advanced digital takeoff services available. We use the latest software to quickly and accurately extract data from digital plans and digital blueprints. The software handles much of the heavy lifting when it comes to accurately calculating materials, measurements, and costs without needing to manually mark up paper plans or blueprints. We also use 3D digital modeling to get a more comprehensive view of a project’s size and scope with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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We are able to accurately calculate large takeoff projects in a timely manner by combining industry expertise and advanced software.

We make sure that all extracted measurements taken are double-checked for errors before generating our final report for you.

  • Utilize advanced technologies.
  • Experienced estimators review.
  • Flexible models such as hourly or fixed rate.

How It Works


Review the Project Plans 

Takeoff services begin by having your dedicated support representative review your project documents. Once everything is verified, your representative will oversee the estimation process which allows us to visualize the project and determine what materials should be used and in what quantities.

At this stage, digital takeoff solution requires scanned copies that can be uploaded into the software.


Measure the Various Components of the Project 

Estimators measure-out the project to calculate materials needed. Again, manual processes will require taking physical measurements whereas digital takeoff tools generate these measurements.


Determine the Costs 

In this step of the construction takeoff service, we figure out how much everything will cost. We need to know how much materials combined with labor will cost. We use our knowledge about construction materials and manually verify suppliers' prices.


Count and List the Materials Required  

Estimators use a combination of software and hands-on verification to count and list out all materials required for completion of the project based on the blueprint.

Software we use:

  • Bluebeam
  • Palnswift
Determine the Quantities

After listing out all items required along with respective measurements we then calculate necessary quantities needed for each material based on scale provided by design documents and industry knowledge on estimated material costs provided by suppliers or construction software databases containing up-to-date prices.


Create Final Bid

Once we have gathered all this information we are then able to create an accurate estimate and final bid that factors in both costs and markup resulting in an estimate that reflects our view of how much should be charged for your project. We then estimate competitors' bids to make sure your final bid is within reasonable market costs for the project to be completed.

Residential building estimates

Residential Takeoff Services

We provide detailed analysis of plans, specifications, and drawings to identify all materials needed for successful completion of your residential project. 

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Our construction takeoff service is perfect for any residential construction project. We have the knowledge and expertise to accurately estimate materials, labor, and total costs for a variety of residential projects, from new builds to remodels and renovations. With our dedicated staff and specialized software solutions, you can trust us to deliver superior results at competitive rates.

Our construction takeoff services can help you with any residential project, whether it be building a new home or just renovating one room with a few simple updates. We can help you determine how much material you need and the cost of labor associated with the project. We provide detailed estimates that include not only the total cost estimate of the project but also calculate reasonable markups to balance profit with reasonable market costs to submit your final bid.

We use both manual and digital takeoff tools depending on what works best for each situation. With manual takeoffs, we use scales rulers to measure specific elements while digital takeoff software solutions allow us to access precise measurements faster than ever before – all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Building a new house from the ground up 
  • Remodeling a kitchen
  • Renovating a bathroom 
  • Adding a room or sunroom to an existing home
  • Constructing a deck or patio 
  • Finishing an attic space 
  • Building a garage-detached shed
  • Installing heating/cooling systems 
  • Replacing roof shingles

Commercial construction estimates

Commercial Takeoff Services

At USA Estimating, we provide comprehensive construction takeoff services for commercial projects that result in detailed cost estimates and efficient project management. Our team has decades of experience working in the construction industry and is dedicated to ensuring that your commercial project is completed according to plan and budget.

With Our Reliable Services At Competitive Rates, You Can Trust Us To Deliver Superior Results

  • Constructing a multi-story office building 
  •  Installing an elevator system 
  •  Developing retail shops 
  • Building industrial warehouses
  •  Constructing high-rise apartment buildings
  • Creating educational campuses 
  • Erecting healthcare facilities
  • Developing hospitality establishments 
  • Setting up data centers

let us get to work for you

Get Started

Accurate construction estimating and professional construction takeoff services

  • Experienced team of experts dedicated to providing detailed estimates
  • Years of knowledge and expertise in the construction industry
  • Ensure profitability with accurate material cost estimates
  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of plans, blueprints and specifications to ensure accuracy

1. Submit Drawing Plans

Our estimators will look closely at the plans and specifications to make sure they understand everything in the project. They will also calculate what materials should be used and how much of them are needed. If it is a manual takeoff, we need physical copies of the documents; if it is digital, then scanned copies can be uploaded into special software.

2. Get A Quote

Once we have looked closely at the plans and specifications, we will provide a quote for our construction takeoff services that includes putting the final bid estimate together. We will tell you how long it will take to complete the project, when you can expect delivery, and what the cost will be.

3. Receive Bid

Once we have all the information needed, we can make a final offer. This will include how much materials and labor will cost, and what the total price of the project will be. We can also provide a final bid in a ready to submit format including the raw data in easy to share spreadsheet or PDF.


Expert Consultations

We provide the expertise and guidance needed to make sure each bid is competitive. Our team of experienced construction estimators has worked on hundreds of projects, giving them an intimate understanding of the bidding process.

Sally K // Construction Manager

" USA Estimating made the entire estimating process a breeze! Their estimators are knowledgeable and efficient, and they're able to provide accurate estimates quickly. "

Brad T // Developer

" My team had a great experience working with USEstimating on our construction projects – they really know their stuff when it comes to estimating costs associated with building materials & labor! "

John G // Project Manager

I'm so happy I chose USA Estimating for my project's takeoff services. They were very professional and provided me with timely updates on progress throughout the entire project."

Cielo H // Architectural Firm Owner

” We feel like USEstimates has become an integral part of our team due to their fast turnaround times, responsiveness, professionalism, etc. ”

Jared S  // Business Owner

" The accuracy of their estimates was impressive and we couldn't have been happier with the results that USA Estimating delivered! "

Isla M // Facility Manager

" Our business saves time and money because we can trust in the accuracy of USEstimate's cost forecasts. "