preliminary estimating services

We will create a preliminary estimate in the absence of project drawings and specifications. It anticipates the individual construction project's overall projected cost. It can be prepared for demolition or rehabilitation work in addition to new construction.

Depending on the information that is currently available about the project, the expected cost may change somewhat or significantly. Making the first budget and cost control strategy still aids the customer or contractor. This kind of estimation service is also offered by USA Estimating for both residential and commercial construction projects.

How it works?

The estimation method and units may vary depending on the type of infrastructure.

For buildings

The price is given per square foot, cubic foot, room, and inhabitant.

For roads and highways

The rate per km is given based on the building material type and layer thickness.

for irrigation channels

The cost per km is provided per-hectare basis (area irrigated by the canal/water channel) is another option.


a preliminary estimate for a construction project: how to preparate

Most clients ask for a preliminary price estimate from contractors, which helps them get a ballpark sense of the overall costs involved in finishing the job. Thus, it can be said to be founded on:

  • Building's overall square footage Linear Dimensions (walls, etc.)
  • Measurements of the Area (Rooms, Floors, etc.)

A thorough estimate that includes a list of all the building materials and the specifications is provided after this. The overall budget for the building can be exactly predicted by basing the price of the detailed BOQ on the cost of each line item, such as masonry estimate, concrete estimate, etc. The unit cost can be simply added to the construction takeoff sheet to estimate cost, and the majority of clients demand contractors submit such cost-filled BOQs.


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the advantages of preliminary estimates

You might be asking why customers require the contractor to provide them with this initial estimate. The principal causes are as follows:

  • To roughly estimate the total cost of construction
  • Educate yourself in advance on the essential information needed
  • Aids in efficient project planning and initial execution
  • Aids in managing the project's costs and budget
  • Anables customers to select the finest contractor

Contractors typically provide the client with the unit cost (such as the cost per square foot), which may then be multiplied by the entire building footprint to determine the preliminary estimate. The cost per level is compounded by the overall number of floors for multi-story buildings.

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